Archarithms is pleased to announce BigIO.

Archarithms is pleased to announce BigIO:

BigIO is a fast, distributed messaging framework written entirely in Java. The framework can run in a single process or across multiple instances running across a network. Message communication in-VM is extremely fast with upwards of 4.6 million messages per second. Communication across multiple instances on a network happens via TCP or UDP connections. Even across the network, the framework can process around 300,000 messages per second (150,000 messages sent and 150,000 messages received).

Get it at our GitHub account or check out the documentation at

Introducing Your Wish From Me

Archarithms is very excited to announce our first commercial venture, a social gift-giving website called Your Wish From Me. We hope to revolutionalize the art of gift giving. From the website:

Your Wish From Me is a new kind of service. Part social networking site, part crowd-funding service, and part shopping portal, Your Wish From Me is the solution to those boring old wishlists that no one ever sees. Say goodbye to address books, missed events, and unwanted presents.

Your Wish From Me gives you a platform to share your wants across many shopping portals (with more always being added) and the connected to all the most popular social networks.

Your Wish From Me and social-gift giving, your friends and family can contribute as much as they want, so don’t be scared to wish for everything.

Join us at Your Wish From Me and let us help make all of your wishes come true!

Archarithms is now a HUBZone Certified Company!

Archarithms, Inc is pleased to announce that the US Small Business Administration certified the company as a HUBZone firm. The Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) program is  administered by the SBA to encourage economic development in underutilized business zones. We are honored to help serve our community in Huntsville, Alabama.