Exigent-DR Computer Vision Software

Exigent AI Computer Vision Software

AI Computer Vision Trained Algorithm

Archarithms’ Exigent™-DR Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision software application is built around a deep convolutional neural network architecture that exploits spatially-local correlation of features by enforcing a connectivity pattern in the synapses between neurons of adjacent layers. Coded in the Python programming language the network is trained using Archarithms’ state-of-the-art training algorithms and regularization techniques. The training techniques include Stochastic Gradient Descent, Variable Mini-batch Size, Variable Learning Rate, Dropout and Batch Normalization.

Product Features

Feature Number Description Unit of Measure Price Example
1 Exigent™ Automatic Target Detection software application LS $250,000 Drone
2 General Classification of Target Set LS $10,000 Quadcopter
3 Target Typing Per Target Type $5,000 DJI Phantom IV, DJI Mavic
4 Target Tracking Message LS $5,000 Target Highlighted In Frame
5 Automatic Alert LS $20,000 Photo of target, Type of Target, Sensor IP Address, Sensor Location
6 Auto Focus LS $10,000 NA
7 Target Orientation: Pitch, Roll, Yaw LS $10,000 Angles
8 Target Intent LS $50,000 Surveillance, Damage
9 Range LS $10,000 Distance From Sensor
10 Annual Maintenance Fee - 15% of purchase price -
Exigent™-DR Software License Agreement

System Requirements

Electro Optical/Infrared Sensor providing a minimum of 50 pixels on target.

A computer platform with a General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit minimum 16 GB CPU RAM, 11GB GPU Memory, GPU processing speed of 1400 MHz, and GPU CUDA compute capability 6.1 or higher.

Debian flavored Linux Operating System.

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