ImageBrew Computer Vision Data Processing API

ImageBrew is an AI computer vision data processing capability that automatically generates data from captured images, and augments the images with environmental effects and labels the data to required specifications. The data is then stored for computer vision algorithm training based on specific application needs.

Designed for computer vision product developers who develop pipelines for processing image data, ImageBrew synthetically produces images of the highest quality without the need for additional curation efforts. Unlike existing solutions that require humans to manually isolate images, remove backgrounds, augment the images and label the data. ImageBrew is a fully automatic synthetic data processing API designed to integrate seamlessly with the developer’s system and processes.

Original Image
Remove Background
Add Synthetic Backgrounds
Add Atmospheric & Lighting Effects

ImageBrew pricing as shown is based on a single named user. Multi-user packages are available based on individual customer needs.

How It Works:

  • The products can be activated on up to four different computers, provided that the products are only accessible to and used by that single named user. A named user may not use a program on more than two computers simultaneously.
  • Perpetual licenses provide the right to use the software indefinitely, and the first year of Archarithms Software Maintenance Service is included in the initial purchase price. After the initial 12 month period, an annual fee is required to renew your Software Maintenance Service.
  • Annual licenses provide the right to use the software for a fixed duration, and Archarithms Software Maintenance Service is included in the license fee. To ensure uninterrupted service, you may renew your license prior to the conclusion of the license term. Otherwise the license and Software Maintenance Service will expire at the end of the term period.
  • The license is restricted to a single country of operation.
  • Global Individual licenses are available to serve users around the world. Contact Archarithms for pricing information.
  • The first year of Software Maintenance Service is included with new product licenses. You can continue uninterrupted service in subsequent years by renewing your subscription annually. Archarithms Software Maintenance Service includes:
    • The latest updates to your IMAGEBREW product – with releases twice a year
    • Worldwide technical support from specialized engineers
    • IMAGEBREW Mobile on Archarithms Cloud

Note: An active subscription is required to purchase add-on products. If your subscription lapses, you may incur additional fees for applicable back maintenance and reinstatement.


Perpetual License

USD $3,980

Annual License

USD $1,590

System Requirements

CPU Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon II (or better)
Memory (RAM) 64-bit System: 8GB minimum
32-bit System: 4GB minimum
Operating System(s) Ubuntu 16.04 or higher, RedHat 7
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 8400 series or ATI X1600 (minimum)
Minimum Screen Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
Storage 128GB
Complete Sample Data library is approximately 64GB. Optical Drive DVD-ROM for Program and Content installation (for boxed versions of IMAGEBREW).

Product Details

Manufacturer Archarithms, Inc.
Product Name IMAGEBREW
Version 2019
Manufacturer Part # A2019A
Product Type Single License
Platform Linux
Shipping Method Digital delivery

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